Use your Facebook, 500px and Instagram photos to create huge montage posters with this slick British web app produced with Third Floor Design studio.

Country: United Kingdom | Sector: Entertainment | Tags: #ux, #ui, #socialmedia, #app

Most of us have hundreds (maybe thousands) of photos strewn across the social media landscape, and Posterista can drag them kicking and screaming out of the virtual world and into the physical one.

So What's Posterista?

It’s a web service that delves into your Instagram, Facebook or 500px accounts to grab images and use them to create montages for real-life posters.

There are a number of options: you can choose between landscape and portrait orientations, layouts of just squares or a mixture of squares and rectangles, dark or light backgrounds and, of course, the size of the printed poster.

App development

This project was no one man stand. The part I played was about producing an online experience to facilitate poster configuration using HTML with JavaScript and purchase via Magento e-commerce platform. 

Freelance front-end developer

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