A website about the best road cycling holidays in Europe. Iconic destinations brought to you by a friendly team with a decade of experience.

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Responsive web design

There has been a lot of consideration put towards making the entire experience as convenient as possible no matter whether user is browsing it using mobile phone, tablet or a desktop device.

Based on so called - responsive web design principle, a number of user interface elements such as menus, buttons, images are adaptive to the user's screen size ensuring the content is always looking at it's best and more importantly - it's legible.

Responsive web design - Freelance Developer United Kingdom

Cutting-edge features

On the technical side, the content management system has been extended with some custom add-ons. One of the most notable features is an ability to import GPS data directly into the website. The data is read, formatted and parsed appropriately so cycling data charts and interactive parts such as maps can feed on it.

Website's in-built search, products filtering, Instagram feed integration, newsletter subscription, video player, re-usable page templates and much more are sitting underneath the visual layer to boost user engagement and convert him/her to a customer.

Freelance Front-end web development
Custom instagram widget development
Custom front-end development

Visual re-design

The entire website has been designed from the ground up including a brand new logo. There are over 10 unique templates and many variants so the dynamic content can fit in nicely in every situation.

Bespoke design
Logo - Bespoke Design Services

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