About This Website

A little behind a scene info on how this site’s been created plus credits to everyone who helped to make it happen.

I've designed and coded this website myself from a scratch with aim of publishing my work, offering consulting services and to share my professional experiences via the blog. Although it's been not around for a long time I continue to expand it ambitiously in regular time spans. I trust that in a near future It would become a great source of design inspiration, good UX practicies and applicable business tips.

The techy bit

DamianDrozdowicz.com is built on Perch CMS - a simple yet powerful and extensible PHP based platform for editing and managing websites of all forms and shapes. I love Perch because it allows for tailoring the "back-end" to any design with no compromises on the way.

The CSS was written in SASS using the SMACSS methodology of Jonathan Snook and compiled using Ben Frain's LibSASS in Grunt task runner. HTML was mainly hand-typed with a boost from Sergey Chikuyonok's Emmet plugin for Sublime Text.

The JavaScript is not powered by any framework apart from Require.js that helped a lot with breaking the code up into smaller chunks.

The main sans-serif typeface is Gibson. For the body text I have used a more legible Crismon Text.