Hosting and Domains

Every website needs a good name and a safe place to live!

When it comes to hosting your website I'm completely open about how it works, and there are a range of ways we can do it.

I don’t want to pretend to be a hosting company, I stick to making beautiful websites and leave hosting to the experts. You won't be left alone and overwhelmed by all the jargon. I won't be putting you in direct contact with the supplier (unless you would like to). Instead I will be communicating and dealing with all the requirements on your behalf.

Bear in mind you and I aren't bound forever. If the time comes and you'd like to move your website elswhere that's no big deal. You can take your website anywhere you like and I can help you with that.

My priority is your website being hosted safely and at the best possible speed 24/7.

Majority of my websites are hosted in Poland with Linuxpl (more affordable solution) with whom I'm an official partner, and the other part are with a range of providers such as Media Temple and Fasthosts. I can help source the correct hosting provider for your business and make sure it has the correct technical specification to run your website smoothly.

Whenever you have a question or an issue with your site I'm on hand to assist setting up your website with a new hosting company and can help arrange back-ups, email configuration and loads more.