Performance eCommerce

Let’s build a high-performance eCommerce stores that generate sales, improves customer experience and adds measurable value to your organisation.

Creating Sublime Online Shopping Experiences

The world is changing. If your business sells products and services and does not already have an online presence, you are already behind. Customers expect a minimal fuss online shopping experience while understanding transactions are secure.

I work with companies in the United Kingdom and Europe to build great online eCommerce Websites and Online Stores that are secure and deliver excellent user experience.

"Don't make me think!"

Your online store should promote your Brand Values, and in most cases, provider a superior experience when compared with traditional bricks-and-mortar setups.

Usability Considerations and Extensive User Testing comes as standard with all my eCommerce Websites, so you can be assured that your customers are always experiencing what your brand would expect.

Secure integration

All eCommerce Websites are securely integrated with leading Payment Gateways, Email Marketing Platforms and in some cases Custom APIs.

Customer Feedback & Product Ratings

Customer Feedback and engagement is an important part of the online retail experience. All eCommerce websites include comprehensive feedback capabilities as standard.

Easy Management

Updating Products, Viewing Sales Reports and Managing your customer data is simple and intuitive with our easy-to-use Secure Management Dashboards

Dynamic Customisation & Automation

Through a multitude of Configuration Options and Policies, you can add almost any product and tailor the customer experience exactly how you see fit.

Detailed Reporting

Get at your data with exportable reports and at-a-glance dashboard so you can make informed commercial decisions backed by eCommerce data in real-time.

eCommerce CRO

My clients experience exceptionally high conversion rates because their sites perform well through proven UI / UX methods and continuous testing.

Great Idea?

You've got an idea for a project? Your website showing its Age? I work with NGOs, Startups and Brands all over the world to bring ideas and visions to reality. I want to work with you! Fill in a new project enquiry and I will contact you to discuss our options. Free cost estimation & no commitment!