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Being a consultant means something different to everyone depending on who you talk to. To me, it means that I get to be an impartial player in your dreams.

Had I bought stock in the first consulting client I had I would be a very rich person right now. I had an opportunity to sit down with the founding members of the company and board of directors in order to discuss their strategy going forward. I was able to take a look from the outside of the organization that they were not able to…it’s that whole forest for the trees thing.

To make a long story short, they made some adjustments and the company has grown ten-fold since. I’d love to say it was all because of me, but I will be humble…perhaps only 90% of it.

As a consultant, I generally work with either small businesses or the marketing team of large businesses in order to create a massive plan of action around their digital marketing efforts. The goal is to create the strategies to leverage technology such as web design, search engine optimization and social media in order to build a strong and vibrant community.

I enjoy working alongside a team within the company to build the right strategy and come up with a specific and measurable game plan for implementing that strategy. I very rarely do longterm contracts as I feel it is my job to give the existing team members all of the tools they need to carry on the strategic plan.

If you are interested in hiring me as a consultant for your business, please contact me for more specifically discuss scheduling, fees, goals and challenges.

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