Hello world!

​Hi there! Thanks for coming by. This is my new website and I hope you like it! This is the post I should have written few months ago when this website was launched … Oh, well …

I guess it’s common amongst many professions – not only in business of web design – that we hardly find any time to do something for ourselves. There is not much of the day left for side projects, experimenting with new techniques or expanding skills in a new direction.

Most importantly, we are busy providing service and attending to someone else’s problems while neglecting our own needs. In the end of the day, It’s like being a shoemaker without proper good quality footwear on his feet.

Sadly, It seems that’s the way it is. We always have to prioritize. When a new project kicks in, deadlines are looming and you’ve got to pay your bills it’s hard to justify spending a day for writing a blog post.


On the other hand, it seems there is no better way to master a skill than by teaching it to others. I’ve been planning to have my own blog to share my experiences and thoughts since as long as I remember. Although English is not my first language I’ve made an attempt to challenge myself to use it for my communication on this website.

If typos and grammar mistakes make you die a little inside with every sentence read then perhaps you’d find it more comfortable to come back a little later – once a helpful soul will help me with proofreading!

Admittedly, writing in English is an effective way to reach out to all of you my dear readers scattered around the world.

What this is all about?

I have an ambitious plan to make this website not only to brag about myself and my work but to help entrepreneurs, businesses and curious people. To help them to understand how website as a media can help their endeavours such as commercialising their products or services online or, in connecting to other distant communities.

This website is aimed mostly in less tech-savvy users who are often too busy to delve deep into comprehending all that scripts and codes that web pages are made of. These people – according to my empiric knowledge, look for actionable, applicable and relevant advice on how they can grow, build or improve their product or service by getting their websites right.

Websites are flexible. Websites can be adapted to any shape or scale. With websites, we can communicate with text, audio, graphics or video. Interaction gives us a way to enable our visitors to speak their mind.

One of the greatest things about the web design that convinced me to do it for living is that it’s an ultimate platform for a self-expression for many creative minds. On the contrary to print, there are no boundaries for the web page and whatever we do, it can be accessed by anyone connected to the internet within seconds after it’s published.

For nearly ten years I’ve been reading everything that I came across regarding interface usability, user experience, graphic design, web development and psychology. I’ve either built myself or participated in making tens of various web projects from single page brochures, automated online services, applications to gigantic e-commerce platforms.

When studying user centred design at the Falmouth University, it occurred to me how often corporate websites are misunderstood as an investment.

Mistakenly, it was assumed that investing in a new all bells and whistles website will immediately pay off by bringing more clients or selling more products. Many times I’ve seen business owners who invested a lot in the app or website feature that nobody’s using. “Poor research” – a marketer would say but this is frustrating for everyone including us – the users.

Nearly there!

I hope that this blog would help many of you by being an inspiration and new perspective. Your comments and feedback are warmly welcome. If there is a specific matter regarding digital marketing, technical side of web design or anything else related to having or doing business online, please do drop me a note at ideas@damiandrozdowicz.com.

Wow. If you managed to get so far in reading this post then perhaps there is a hope for me being a writer…


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