About me (and you!)

Where a common vision is shared, magic happens.

Are we a good fit for each other?

In business – a good relationship is a key to building, trust and delivering satisfactory results. This chemistry helps us to define clear objectives, to react appropriately to unexpected challenges and to meet both our expectations.

Philosophy and approach

My personal mission is to help entrepreneurs, business owners, dreamers and visionaries bring their ideas to life and get the most out of their online presence.

Too often when I browse the Internet, I see unrealised potential and time wasted into producing something that is broken at its very foundation.

This is not because of incompetence of designers, coders or copywriters. In most cases, it's because there was too little communication in planning a solid road map for the project.

There are two essential elements: clear goals and flawless execution.

No matter how pretty the design, without clear, easy to digest messages, people can’t connect. Your website needs to tell people why they should care.

A good website can help your business to profit, to grow and to get recognition. It's your loyal employee who's on duty even when you sleep.

That's why we will talk, we will plan and we will execute and measure the results.

Me as a technical expert and you with all the domain knowledge - together - can get it right.

What web consultant does?

Long story short - consultant helps to get your idea from A to B.

There is more to building a business online than installing a template and mocking-up some content. I believe that if you want to be taken seriously that you have to come to the game ready to play. I'm convinced that having a great looking blog or website is useless if it doesn't deliver something sticky and valuable.

That means that your site needs to excel on a number of levels, and you need to have a plan.

This website and my person are specifically geared to be a resource and inspiration for those who own, manage and/or want to get started with their own website, digital product or online service. Whether it's a blog, a niche site, an e-commerce store, a company site, or some sort of hybrid.

I will help you to make your ideas happen and will guide you through all the technical jargon so you can focus on making your product great.

These are some questions I am here for to answer:

  • How can I attract more clients?
  • How can I make a profit out of my website, product or service?
  • How can I improve my websites ranking in search engines?
  • How do I manage my website to keep it up to date?
  • How do I market and promote my website?
  • What do I need to do to make it look and perform better?
  • How to keep my website secure?

Why your business needs a consultant?

I've worked for creative agencies and software as a service companies (SAAS) as designer, developer, project manager and consultant.

For over 10 years I've been honing my creative and programming skills to help businesses achieve their goals. It's been a great adventure for me to learn the insights on how particular company operates and find a way to save their time or attract more clients.

I've also found that many professionals - me including, often forget that it's not about a beautiful website, semantic code or new technology that's been used to put a project together.

I hope you'd agree but as harsh as it sounds, businesses is 99% about generating profit. No cash flow equals no business. For example, if no one knows about your business than it doesn't matter how pretty is your new website.

That's why I'd love to hear more about you and challenges your company is facing. I have all the experience and technical capabilities to get you where you want to be. No matter whether this is via new website or app.


Congrats on getting that far!


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