How much does it cost to make a website? Let’s talk money.

The Cost

It depends...

Let's face it there is no one price fits all for a website design or development, it depends largely on what's required; However, I do feel it's important to be open and to provide a guideline cost so you know what level of investment you can expect to make.

Websites or apps are a lot like cars. You can get a second hand economy model that will get you from A to B. Or you can get a sports car that adds prestige and makes your journey much smoother and comfortable.

Pricing explained

Pricing estimates are created for each project based on the initial free consultation.

Pricing is estimated on a usually per-project basis.

Price depends on the scope of the project and the extent to which I’m involved. The reason I don’t have a fixed pricing list is because each project is unique. Based on industry surveys, however, my pricing is competitive (on national average) with that of qualified independent contractors and small multi-person firms.

Typically we will agree on set of project deliverables to be delivered over an agreed timeframe. To ensure the project moves according to plan, I’ll map out a milestone checklist for you – which we’ll agree on as well. This keeps goals and expectations aligned.

What's our budget?

First, I’ll ask, “What’s your budget?”. Knowing there’s a budget up front, I’ll develop the scope of work around that amount. If not, I’ll provide tiered pricing with good, better and best outcomes. For non-profits clients, I am particularly budget-conscience and do what I can to accommodate project pricing.

It’s all about open and honest communication. Nowhere is that more true than when I’m discussing costs with my clients. Discussing pricing early on is best so we all feel comfortable and I can start working on your project.

It’s important for me to know your budget so I can provide you with appropriate options. I wouldn't offer you a shiny new sports car if you only need a car to get out of town few times a month during a weekend...

Therefore sharing your budget with me helps me to help you plan and provide advice so you can make the best investment of your money.

What if the cost is a little more than you were prepared for?

Everything is negotiable. Sometimes what you need can be accomplished in many ways. If we are working with a limited budget I can offer alternative solution to the problem or we could roll out some features over time.

What if I don't like what I get?

Good question!

Usually, after an initial consultation (I did mention it's free didn't I?) we should have a good feel for each other. Which means that I will be able to tell whether I'm a good fit for the job or not.

As a rule of a thumb we won't start until we are absolutely clear what is the task and that I can deliver it on-time and according to your expectations.

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Also see my Frequently Asked Question section to make the process even more transparent.

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