Metatron Capital

Metatron Capital is a team of finance and investing experts based in Czech Republic. They analyse, trade and manage their clients’ assets. The quality of service and reliability assurance had to be reflected on their new website.

Country: Czech Republic | Sector: Finance | Launched: August, 2015

In the first half of 2015 I was approached by a company who was in need of a new website to represent their business and services to the online world. The existing website did not stand the test of time despite the quality of it's content.

Difficulty when accessing via a mobile phone due to inappropriate navigation and fixed layout caused users to spend a lot of time unnecessarily in order to browse through the pages and finding information.

Because of the business nature - a lot of rapidly changing data such as stock prices, over time value difference, performance and prognosis had to be presented. In this way, their potential investors could assess whether to do business with the company or walk away. In order to keep the content up-to-date, the data had to be easy to upload to the site.

The existing solution to publish downloadable a PDF document instead, was only a half-measure that didn't work out well for the general user experience.

Freelance Web Designer and Developer Manchester
Freelance Web Designer and Developer Manchester
Freelance Web Designer and Developer Manchester

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