My name is Damian

I’m a web designer and frontend developer who tries to make the internet a nicer and more usable place - a pixel by pixel. Usually, by designing user friendly interfaces and pushing browsers to their limits.

PS: Apparently my pancakes are not that bad either but unfortunately you won't be able to order them from this website...

I’d be delighted to listen about your project!

Let's work together
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What I do

I usually help with creating web identities or improving the performance of existing sites. If you wish to: modernize your site, implement a content management system, increase the traffic or just to make your website visually appealing - give me a buzz and I'd be glad to help you out.

My services:

  • Project scoping and management
  • UX / UI specification
  • Content architecture
  • Digital interface design
  • Front-end development
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Email templates

My Approach

I enjoy constant exploration of modern technologies such as mobile applications and online services that create a new dimension for a successful communication.

I have worked in variety of creative set ups and collaborative projects. Being curious by nature I constantly try to push boundaries of digital technologies through experimentation. When it comes to user interfaces - as a priority I strive for the perfect balance between function and aesthetic design.

I believe in developing a personality for each creation that is emotional and engaging - behind every project or brand there are people who are unique and have personality themselves.